Family Visitation

The Family Visitation Program is intended to provide a way for non-custodial parents to spend time with their child in the presence of a neutral observer. The Family Visitation Program includes Supervised Exchanges and Supervised Visitation, The types of supervised visitation available include Supervised Visitation, Supportive or Coached Visitation, Therapeutic Visitation, and Monitored Visitation. The Nurturing Parenting Programs are evidence based family-based programs utilized for the treatment and prevention of child abuse and neglect.

Supervised Exchange

This service is intended for divorced, separated or never-married parents who have difficulty in their parenting relationships, have orders of protection against the other parent or if one parent is a victim of domestic violence and/or sexual assault and feels their safety would be compromised by being in the presence of their current or former partner.

Supervised Visitation

This service is intended to provide a protected setting for parent/child contact when such contact presents risk following parental separation, child abuse or neglect or an extended interruption in contact.

Supportive or Coached Supervision

This service is intended to support and nurture families, to increase skill levels, and to facilitate a higher level of understanding of successful parenting strategies.

Therapeutic Supervision

This type of specialized supervision is a conjoined parent-child therapy conducted by a trained parenting facilitator also trained to provide supervised visitation.

Monitored Supervision

This level of supervision is tailored to meet the needs of the family, based on DFS casework input, court order, or by residential party requests.



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